Connecting through music and storytelling Is supremely human.

From the cadence of conversation to the rhythm of our own biology, music and audio fill the gaps in the human experience. While the art of storytelling will always transcend technology platforms, its methods of delivery are varied and constantly changing. Audio is the throughline that ties them all together. Tunewelders brings multidisciplinary expertise to deliver thoughtfully crafted sonic environments and audio experiences that enhance and connect to story. 


Nothing can convey emotion like music and audio. Brands often make these important decisions on a per-project basis. Music and audio can provide the continuity between branded experiences across all media platforms. Led by our audio experience designers, through our audits and workshops, we can identify innovative concepts to connect on a deeper level with your audience. 

Clients (Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, The Home Depot, SAP, Baskin Robbins, Krystal, AGCO Tractors, PGA, Southern Company, Toyota, Porsche, Coca-Cola)


Whether you are a showrunner, writer, director or music supervisor, our award-winning team exists to create your musical characters and audio environments. We compose and produce musical score, cues, and sound design. We engineer and produce recordings for music supervisors and their partner composers. We identify and license pre-cleared music tracks from our carefully curated, boutique musical library, Tunewell.

Clients (CNN, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, ESPN, Full Throttle TV, The Weather Channel, FX)


We have been on the leading edge of ambisonics and immersive audio since its early development and application for digital reality. In any virtual environment, our brains are always looking for reasons not to believe what they see. Traditionally, linear audio production has been forced into beautiful visual environments rendering them unbelievable. Our approach balances man and machine to deliver honest and realistic immersive experiences. What does it sound like in a blood vessel? We can show you. 

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Experiential ActivatioNs

What if you could connect two geographically diverse markets with a real-time, connected artistic activation? Stemming from partner Jason Shannon’s personal need to facilitate musical studies with one of the best classical mandolinists in the country, we worked with an international team to refine and test the ability to connect two venues for real-time musical performance. Tunewelders is bringing this technology to the worlds of A/V production, live performance, and experiential marketing.