Music Is - Episode 2

The journey continues with Aaron and Nancy Hill from Greenhouse Atlanta.

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This is a story about an electrician-philosopher-bass player connecting with a pop star, whose music brought Perry Farrell to expletives. Together they foster a musical experience that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Aaron met Nancy in Los Angeles through a collaborative arts project called The Law Band. A mutual respect for each other's creativity grew into further collaborations and a livelong partnership that goes deeper than music.

Our conversation spans philosophy, mindfulness, sources of inspiration, building things from nothing, and the art of sound. Aaron is a sonic architect and a collage artist whose awareness leads to the most amazing happy accidents. Nancy's trip across the country with a Kay guitar and her songs led to her eventual deal as a recording artist for Island Records. She brings her vocal prowess and songwriting sensibilities to her own music and artists she and Aaron produce at Greenhouse Atlanta.

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How did a field of wheatgrass bring a studio to life? What secrets lie deep within a Hill console? What do garden hoses and Sun Studios have in common? What was it like stalking Hunter S. Thompson? How did Buckminster Fuller influence studio design? What does an orchard have to do with music production? 



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Music featured on this podcast:

Tronto Y Mono, Cymatic - Aaron and Nancy Hill

King of the World, Those Eyes, The Safe -  Rosey

Cold Kitchen Blues - Hill Roberts (Tunewell Music)

Diamonds, Pearls and Rubies - Trappers Cabin (Tunewell Music)

Dreams of You - Lal Meri

Life on Earth (theme song) Jason Shannon