New Work: Staybridge Suites is "Hugely Different"

This month Tunewelders teamed up with Blue Sky Agency to bring everyday luggage to life in a lighthearted Staybridge Suites campaign called Hugely Different. Utilizing a team of top Atlanta voice talents, improvised foley, and subtle sound design, we highlight the strength of the Staybridge Suites brand from the amusing and witty perspective of luggage.

What the heck is MOS (Motor Only Sync)?  I'm glad you asked.

Motor Only Sync is filmmaking jargon and it simply means that the scene or scenes were shot without location sound. It is a method used to maximize time and budget on set, and it was used here because all of the audio elements were to be created in post-production.   

The voiceover work was a lot of fun because of the opportunity to create comedic timings of the personified luggage. For example, in the ad This is How We Roll, both the spinning and dropping of the roller bag was brought to life by a great performance from actor/comedian and Blue Sky Agency Senior Vice President Mike Schatz. 

Special foley credits go to Blue Sky Agency Account Manager Megan Niager for capturing some wonderful multi-location iPhone recordings of the hero roller bag which I was able to integrate in post. Additional Foley from Associate Creative Director Christian Herrity for his precise break room dishware Foley on Free Hot Breakfast.

Mike Schatz, Senior Vice President at Blue Sky Agency, talked about his team’s approach:

“Everyone can connect with the suitcase - whether it’s a symbol of vacation, or work, or something in between… shifting away from generic shots of people lets us be more human. The observational humor works harder and allows the bags to do the talking.”