Music At The Speed of Light!

Music At The Speed Of Light!

Finally musicians in different locations can perform together real-time!

This is an original song called “Down the Columbia” premiered on the LOLA low-latency audio/video conferencing system. The performers were at two locations and separated by approximately 50 miles. The latency between the performers in this video is less than 10 milliseconds, equal to the speed of sound at 10 feet apart. This 10ms delay is imperceptible to the ear and provides a completely natural musical experience for the performers. This is made possible by sending an uncompressed audio and video signal across a high-speed (1 Gbps) fiber optic network. In other words, speeding up the speed of sound (1 foot per millisecond) to the speed of light (186 miles per millisecond).

Special thanks to all of the great folks from North Georgia Networks and Habersham Electric Membership Cooperative who made this video possible. Without their expertise in creating an amazing broadband network this technology would not be possible. Special thanks to Tony Adams, Curt Arulf, Jonathan Cantrell, Todd Pealock, Rodney Pugh, Greg Sprayberry and the entire staff at HEMC.

Tyson Farmer = Acoustic Guitar (6-String)
Jeremy Gilbertson = Acoustic Guitar (12-String)
Ben Holst = Resonator Guitar
Franher Joseph = Upright Bass
Jason Shannon = Mandolin
Vic Stafford = Glockenspiel