The Huge Sound of Ice Cream

PHOTO CREDIT:  Baskin-Robbins

by Nate Lewin

February 19, 2015

For most of us, the memory of getting ice cream as a child is almost universal. We all remember that exhilarating moment of seeing all of those colorful flavors behind the counter, selecting the perfect one, and having it expertly scooped and served to order. If you’ve ever been inside of a Baskin-Robbins, these sights, smells, tastes and sounds are all part of that wonderful memory.  But if you had to describe that sensational experience, could you do it?  How would it look?  How would it sound?

This past year, the team at Baskin-Robbins and 22squared were successful in doing just that with an award-winning series of 15-second ads that captured the sensations BR ice cream.  This TV ad campaign was awarded Brand of the Year (2014) in the category of Quick-Service Restaurants by Ace Metrix.  

But it is not visuals alone that capture a moment; sound is a critical aspect of an experience. That is why Baskin-Robbins and 22squared teamed up with Tunewelders to help get the job done.

Executive Producer, Jeremy Gilbertson had this to say: “We love working with the Baskin-Robbins and 22squared teams. They have an amazing balance of vision, creativity and precision in their execution.”

The 22squared team included group Creative Director Curt Mueller and veteran Producer, Rhett Kearsley.  Their team set the creative tone by asking Tunewelders to capture a heightened sense of sound by channelling their inner Spiderman and his “spidey-senses”. Tunewelders’ Ben Holst recalls, “Ice cream, on it’s own, makes little if any noise. That was the challenge. Fun, fresh and exciting without being cartoony. The film, Honey I Shrunk the Kids was referenced a time or two in the direction. Bigger than life.

The Tunewelders team pulled together unique audio concepts into a composition that takes the audiences ears on a journey from the scoop, to the pour, and finally to the blend. Sound design is just like music composition for Tunewelders, where each sound has to fit together and make sense. Every sound is a song in and of itself; it must be in tune and have natural transitions.

Overall, it is safe to say that 22squared succeeded in its mission to get thousands of people all over the country to leave their homes for ice cream. Congratulations to Curt Mueller, Rhett Kearsley and the teams at Baskin-Robbins and 22squared!

Check out one of the BR spots here: