Hey Guys, thanks for checking out this curated portfolio of my original composition work. I’ve also included some sound design and audio post-production examples at the bottom of the list. If you’d like to something genre or stylistically specific, drop me a note and I will post it here. Thanks for taking the time!
— Jason T. Shannon (Composer & Orchestrator)


This is a piece called "Life on Earth" (2016).  This was inspired by the work of Computer Programmer and Animator Glenn Marshall who created the accompanying generative art in this video using only mathematics and coding (Processing language).  I wanted to take a similar generative approach to the music - which is why you'll hear a lot of modular synthesizer sequences that grow and expand and serve as the basis for the rhythmic and harmonic foundations in the music.  This is a an example of traditional orchestral ensembles combined with analog and digital synthesis blended for a modern sound. 

2017 Animated Pilot.  Original score by Jason T. Shannon and sound design by Ben Holst (Tunewelder).

Here is the short film called "The Barn" (2016) by Bryce Burton.  Work includes original score, sound design and audio mix.

Here are two excerpts/screen tests that I scored for The Walking Dead Webisodes:  Cold Storage (2012).  The scoring here is a traditional approach for horror/thriller genre.  The intention here was a stylistic musical nod to the horror films of the 1970's to match the quality of the film/video content.    

Leave With Us (2015) is a short film (drama/thriller) based on the true story of the last days of the Heaven's Gate cult leading to the mass suicide that took place in San Diego, California in 1997.  Science-fiction elements dominate the music, appropriate to underscore the belief by the religious members that they were hitching a ride on the extraterrestrial spacecraft that was following Comet Hale-Bopp after eating poison porridge.

The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else (2014) is a short film (supernatural/drama/thriller) about a girl who does not age.  I've included an excerpt from the opening  of the film.  The goal of the music was to balance themes of childhood innocence, mystery and a kind of "ancient wisdom" to highlight the complexity of the main character.  

For the launch of the Weather Channel ad campaign "It's Amazing Out There" (2014) I was commissioned to compose and produce audio/music for this spot.  The creative direction was to create a truly organic and modern music and sound design experience which sheds the cliched Weather Channel Jazz image that the brand had become encumbered with.

Stylistically it was important to reference compositional and orchestral styles of the early 20th century in this Under Armour long-form commercial which pays homage to the Shoeless Wonders of Lynchburg, VA.  

For this trailer for the CNN Films documentary/expose The Hunting Ground I used a glass armonica on top of a piano and string section to create a haunting musical atmosphere.  


"Caught In A Loop" (2015)

Here is an excerpt from Centaurus A, my science-fiction themed concept album inspired by two decades of video game music.  This track features a modern palette that combines orchestral strings, low brass, electronica, vintage keys and electric guitars.

"Don't Mind The Barricades" (2016)

This is a sketch of a chase scene.  When I was building the cue I thought of a car chase scene on the French Riviera where a spy was being chased by members of an international crime syndicate.  The drove up lots of stairs.  They ran over a ton of vegetable stands.

"The 19th District" (2016)

I wanted to do a few sketches that focus on the military band.  This one has a kind of Presidential theme going on.  When I wrote the cue I was thinking about imagery such as construction of a government monument, or maybe an intro to a Presidential debate.

"Leaving Orbit" (2015)

Another excerpt from Centaurus A, my geeky homage to Amiga video game titles of my childhood.  I think this one is especially targeted towards a science-fiction themed video game featuring space flight or perhaps a puzzler.  This was built on a modular synth.


Excerpt from "Infinity" (2014)

This is an excerpt from a larger orchestral work called Infinity.  This could be appropriate for a variety of cinematic contexts, but to me it illicits imagery of exploration and the unknown (such as polar, nautical or space exploration).

"Rambling' In The Fire" (2014)

An Americana-themed piece appropriate for a historical documentary or period drama.  There are underlying themes of solidarity and hardship in the music that illicit images associated with dust bowl, civil rights or trade unions.   

"No Borders" (2015)

This sketch was written as part of a music demo package for a major international news organization.  It is intended to underscore themes of front lines reporting and perilous journalism.

"The Abandoned City" (2014)

This was a concept piece written to support a fantasy or horror role-playing game.  The main character explores an abandoned city and finds that the creatures that inhabit the strange place all come out once the sun goes down.

"Arapahoe" (2016)

This is an Aaron Copland inspired study.  All of the classic themes of western pioneers, the American prairie and cattle drives come to mind with this one - as does a juicy ribeye.

"Ludum Dare Mystery" (2015)

This is a piece of music that I composed to support the 2015 "Ludum Dare" video game challenge.  This is appropriate for a mystical fantasy or puzzler set in strange and beautiful landscape or maze.  I was inspired to create this after a Cirque de Soleil show.

"Double Crossed" (2014)

I did this sketch after binge-watching the first few seasons of House of Cards.  This is my take on the political thriller genre.  These cues have so many interesting elements that percolate in the background with dark and murky undertones (i.e. the "intrigue"). 

"Who Ate My Porridge?" (2016)

This is my take on a quirky or whimsical comedy styled cue, such as the composers Mark Mothersbaugh or Alexandre Desplat may create for a Wes Anderson film.  By proxy this would also be appropriate for a cartoon or other kind of children's programming.

"The Battle of Wonkyapolis" (2016)

This is an orchestral compositional study appropriate for an epic fantasy battle or tension sequence.  Heavy pizzicato strings, low brass, taiko percussion and choir build a tone palette appropriate for a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings kind of cue.


"Goat 4 Sale" was the #1 Nielsen-rated commercial of Super Bowl XLVII (2013).

This is an Addy Gold winner 2016 for Sound Design.