Our Atlanta-based team is excited to be considered for the Shell EOF Project!.

We have extensive experience creating music and unique audio environments for branded content. We recently completed a project with JWT Atlanta (Producer: Rhett Kearsley) for the Marines and XBOX. During this project, our charge was to create a thematic underscore, as well as develop five intricate audio transformations for animated Marine vehicles.

Music can capture your attention, drive the pace of the content, support comedic timing and generate a visceral emotional response. Sound design brings your brain into the experience to deliver an aural environment that supports the story. The storyboards present a fun opportunity to deliver a premier audio experience by building naturally familiar sonic environments interlaced with audio branded retail assets and framed together with a seamless score to picture composition.

Some quick highlights of our selects:

1. We treat sound design in a very integrated and musical way. We’ve been working on the Baskin Robbins account for two years delivering more than six :30 broadcast spots during that time.

2. We crafted the sound design package for the award-winning Super Bowl spot for Doritos called “Goat 4 Sale”.

3. We created four unique “film score” segments and a mnemonic for Coca-Cola/Carmike Cinemas.

4. We’ve been an audio partner for the Atlanta Braves for the last seven seasons.

5. We won an ADDY award (sound design) for a 3 minute animated piece we delivered for Sweetwater Brewery.

6. We built a custom, branded sting for Toyota Camry.

7. For the last two years, we provided custom music and sound design for a series of spots for Ford (Matchmaker).

We hope you find our process, experience and selects applicable to the Shell EOF Project.

Tunewelders would love to continue working with JWT Atlanta!
— Tunewelders (Ben, Jason & Jeremy)