T (and Company), Tunewelders is thrilled to be able to provide you with a few examples of our work for your review. We recognize that many of these pieces are far from a stylistic match for the kind of music that we might create for MANMADE, but the intention is to show some examples of our wide range of capabilities in original music, custom scoring and sound design. Generally speaking I tried to identify excerpts that were a mix of documentary, cinematic and/or sports related.
— Jason T. Shannon, Composer (Tunewelders)


Original composition called "Life on Earth" (2017).


T, this is an excerpt from the documentary "Outcast Forever".  In this excerpt, the Director wanted to use a specific Led Zeppelin tune but couldn't procure the rights.  We created something that was original but was true to the original vibe.


"This is why we chop" is a 2013 Addy-Award Winner for music.


Scoring examples from The Walking Dead "Cold Storage" webisodes (2013).  


Scoring example from The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else (short film, drama) (2015).

Scoring example from Leave With Us (short film, thriller) (2016).


This is music and sound design / post-production that we did for a cinematic Atlanta Braves teaser (2016).


These documentary shorts were commissioned by AGCO as a tribute to three generations of the American farmer.  We did all of the original music. (2016)

A custom music score and sound design that we did to support the PGA "Payne Stewart Award" (2015).