MUSIC IS... EPISODE # 1 - Joel Nettesheim


Our experience with music is very personal whether we are creating it or consuming it. This experiment will look at music from the ears of musicians, from the eyes of filmmakers and from the hearts of producers, directors and artists. In this podcast, we'll explore these deeply intimate relationships with music and attempt to define it from these unique perspectives.

In EPISODE #1, Jeremy talks with Joel Nettesheim about an intimate experience with John Denver, using the whole song as an instrument, Alan Watts, the songwriting process, unconventionally amazing production techniques, how absorbing the music his Dad used to play on the piano helped shape his musical perspective, and a white Falcon guitar. Joel's music has been described by NPR as some of "the most interestingly odd and unclassifiable music around", which is exactly why we are excited to have him as a Tunewell artist and a friend. You can check out more of Joel's music at

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