MUSIC IS... EPISODE #7 - Zach Wolfe


Pure intentions and unencumbered trust build the foundation supporting any creative endeavor. Zach Wolfe brought a healthy dose of both of those ingredients as the trusted visual documentarian of Lil’Jon, Big Boi, Andre 3000, Killer Mike, T.I. and many others during the rise of Hip-Hop in Atlanta. Its epicenter was an unassuming house off of Harwell Street that flowed with undeniable energy. Zach reflects on the early days of Atlanta Hip-Hop before any national accolades emerged from the music industry at large. From 2002 through 2011, Zach captured the raw authenticity beaming from this group of innovative creators, but he was always seeking ways to reinvent himself. As new technology emerged, Zach began to apply his artistic principles to motion as a Director of Photography. He found opportunity in the world between things. Stay tuned for the release of the film, Better Man, a collaboration between Zach, writer/director Chris Stanford, Jeremy and the Tunewelders team. This episode is a masterclass in visual art coupled with an ethereal jolt reminding us of the power of continuous learning, experimenting and reinvention.


Production credits:

Theme song: Life On Earth (Jason Shannon)

Hosted & Produced by: Jeremy Gilbertson

Engineered & Mixed by: Ben Holst