MUSIC IS... EPISODE #5 - Nick Greer


In EPISODE #5, Jeremy talks to Nick Greer.


I see Nick Greer's name every time I play my guitar. My pedalboard is an interconnected community of the manifestation of sounds that begin in Nick's head. My favorite part about these interviews is that I get to connect with the people behind the sounds and learn about the philosophies, processes, and experiences that set the stage for their creation. In this episode, I visit with Nick at his shop in Athens, GA, which happens to be located on one of the most unassumingly creative corners of the city. Greer Amplification shares a parking lot with Baxendale Guitars and Chase Park Transduction. Our conversation spans the foundational knowledge Nick absorbed from his Grandfather to picking up coins to buy his first acoustic guitar, a stubborn guitar pedal that kept breaking, a Technics stereo system that opened the door to "something else", and a professor that encouraged a journey down a path less traveled. For more on Greer Amplification visit or connect with Nick on social media at @greeramps.

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