MUSIC IS... EPISODE #8 - Ruby Velle


Ruby Velle is a conscious artist and interdisciplinary creator with an insatiable desire to connect the world through music one person at a time. We are bombarded with negative energy streaming from news outlets and social media, and Velle aims to balance the scales with her recorded music, live performances and her humanitarian efforts in Atlanta and beyond. We dive deep into inspiration, meditation and the transcendental power of music. The solutions to our most challenging problems lie in the space between things, and this episode is proof that the power is within you to affect meaningful change.

Ruby by Elaine Torres-0288.jpg

Made possible by: Tunewell Music
Hosted and produced by: Jeremy Gilbertson
Mixed by: Harper Harris
Theme song (Life on Earth) by: Jason Shannon
Music by: Tunewelders, The Time Is Right Ensemble, Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics.