MUSIC IS... Episode #9 - Carrie Schrader


Carrie Schrader is a storyteller. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest on boats pushing the boundaries of her imagination. Schrader has seen both sides of the screen as an actor and director. She also maintains a healthy familiarity with the madness and wonderful potential that lie between the human brain and a blank sheet of paper. Indie-wire labeled her as one of the “Top 10 Directors to Watch Out For”. Schrader directed Ethan Cohen’s short film, Don’t Mess With Texas, and wrote and directed a feature-length film called The Founders. Her current project is an episodic that she wrote and is participating in the Stowe Story Labs. Schrader brings a contagious passion for creating things and an infectious curiosity that helped to drive a fascinating conversation in this episode. Finding out who you are is the fun part, and continuing to push the boundaries of that potential is what makes it all worth it.


Made possible by: Tunewell Music
Hosted and produced by: Jeremy Gilbertson
Mixed by: Harper Harris
Theme song (Life on Earth) by: Jason Shannon