Jeremy Gilbertson

Tunewelders is an audio experience company. We provide audio strategy/experience design, audio post-production, sound design and scoring for film, games, TV, Virtual Reality and digital media. We are team of artists with a lifelong commitment to our craft.

We produce award-winning music and specialty audio with the finest and most demanding advertisers, film makers and artists in the country. With our extensive collection of musical instruments, microphones, and both vintage and modern recording technologies, we’re capable of achieving a limitless musical and sonic palette.

Our work is regularly featured in national advertising campaigns, at major sporting events, in films, radio broadcasts and television shows, video games and interactive media and virtual reality applications. We are extremely active in the local music and arts community and advocates for building a strong local entertainment ecosystem. Our unique focus on technology and innovative business strategy are our primary differentiators from our competitors.

Here's what our clients are Saying about Us

“Tunewelders consistently provides the missing element - that next level magic. They give it their all, every time, no matter the constraints. Custom track, challenging sound design or a simple VO, it’s always about the work, always creative, always collaborative, and always pleasant.”
— Rhett Kearsley - Producer (22 Squared)
“I’ve worked with a ton of music partners over the years. The guys at Tunewelders are incredibly talented, versatile and collaborative – one of the best. Jeremy, Ben and Jason took the seed of an idea for a Hawks’ track and totally blew it out.”
— Ron Huey, Executive Creative Director (GroupCSE)
I Music Supervise for TV and Film, including the AMC shows Hell On Wheels and Hap And Leonard as well as Oprah Winfrey’s Greenleaf. I’ve worked with Ben Holst on Hap And Leonard and Greenleaf and his level of professionalism match anything I’ve encountered in Nashville or LA. Not only has Ben’s ability as an engineer, mixer, producer, and composer of additional music been what we needed, he was an also total pleasure in the studio thanks to his enthusiasm and creative resourcefulness. I’m a return client and gladly recommend Ben and his team to anyone wanting to get serious work done quickly and within budget.”
— Rick Clark, Music Supervisor



Donald Glover is having a moment. The award-winning actor, writer, director, and hip-hop artist is riding an even larger than usual crest of accolades following his Grammy-winning single “Redbone” and universally acclaimed first season of his cable series Atlanta. Enthusiasm and anticipation for the second season (subtitled Robbin’ Season), remains high among critics and fans, fueled in no small part by the hilarious and occasionally discomfiting promos that dropped in the weeks before the show’s March 1 debut on FX.

Tunewelders’ own Ben Holst had the pleasure to collaborate with the famously hands-on auteur on the “Choir” promo, a surreal 30 second bite that features a boys’ choir version of the Rae Sremmurd track “No Type.” The two seasoned professionals produced and recorded the track in an afternoon, and Holst cites his own confidence with both music recording and the 30 second commercial format as key to serving Glover’s overall vision for the spot. Whether the challenge was mic placement or the unfortunate effects of puberty on the human voice, Glover and Holst worked together to create a slice of pure oddity that perfectly captures the spirit of Atlanta the series and Atlanta the city.