Jeremy Gilbertson

Tunewelders is a music creation and audio production company. We provide audio post-production, sound design and scoring for film, games, TV, Virtual Reality and digital media. We are team of artists with a lifelong commitment to our craft.

We produce award-winning music and specialty audio with the finest and most demanding advertisers, film makers and artists in the country. With our extensive collection of musical instruments, microphones, and both vintage and modern recording technologies, we’re capable of achieving a limitless musical and sonic palette.

Our work is regularly featured in national advertising campaigns, at major sporting events, in films, radio broadcasts and television shows, video games and interactive media and virtual reality applications. We are extremely active in the local music and arts community and advocates for building a strong local entertainment ecosystem. Our unique focus on technology and innovative business strategy are our primary differentiators from our competitors.

“Tunewelders consistently provides the missing element - that next level magic. They give it their all, every time, no matter the constraints. Custom track, challenging sound design or a simple VO, it’s always about the work, always creative, always collaborative, and always pleasant.”
— Rhett Kearsley - Producer (22 Squared)
“I’ve worked with a ton of music partners over the years. The guys at Tunewelders are incredibly talented, versatile and collaborative – one of the best. Jeremy, Ben and Jason took the seed of an idea for a Hawks’ track and totally blew it out.”
— Ron Huey, Executive Creative Director (GroupCSE)



We are thrilled to be working with our good friends at Cogito Creative on a new concept cooking show for 2017/2018 called Curry & Cornbread, featuring Atlanta chef Asha Gomez, a 2017 James Beard Award nominee. Asha is an incredibly talented chef (we know, because we've been lucky enough to be on set while she is cooking!). Asha artfully blends the flavors of her native home in the Kerala region of Southern India with those of her current home in the Southern United States (Atlanta, GA). For the theme song, Jason decided to take a similar approach and compose a piece which mixes instrumentation from both regions. This piece was truly inspired by watching Asha cook! We'll be scoring approximately 40 episodes in 2017 with more to follow in 2018.  Stay tuned!